Money from Heaven

I don’t know about ya’ll but I am just a little weary of all the bad news going around these days so I’m going to tell you what the good Lord did for me just about a year ago and hope it brightens your day.

It was Wednesday, February 12th, 2019. I was writing out my grocery list to go shopping the next day. I was wishing I could add socks to the list but it just wasn’t in the budget.

I had three pairs of good socks left. I had several ,others but they all had the heels worn out; I guess from walking around without shoes. I tried to recall the last time I bought socks but it had been so long ago that I couldn’t remember; at least five years; maybe even more.

I finished my list and then I prayed. “Lord, I really need socks. Can You show me how I can do this?”

No answer. And I was thinking ; it’s better to go barefoot than hungry. Out of frustration, I pushed myself away from the table and decided to step outside for some fresh air. It was cold but…what the heck. And as you will see by the end of this that it was the Holy Spirit pushing me out that door.

As I stepped out on to the sidewalk, I saw something floating around in the air. I thought…It can’t be a leaf, the trees are all bare. Then I thought that it looked like paper. As the wind calmed down, I watched the piece of paper float on down and land in the parking area just about ten feet from me. I craned my neck to get a better look and I thought…that looks like a dollar bill.

Just then the wind picked it up and it floated straight up and then plopped back down onto the asphalt another ten feet away. I walked towards it slowly and, as I got just inches away, I saw that it really was money – U.S. currency. I put my foot on it to keep it from blowing away again; then I bent down and picked it up.

I know my jaw must have dropped when I saw what it was; a twenty dollar bill. I looked all around; surely someone must be looking for this. No one in sight. There never is; this place is like a ghost town in the winter. I stood there for several minutes and still noone showed.

That’s when the thought struck me. “God, did You just answer my prayer? Is this for socks?” I thanked Him profusely. And the next day I bought a 12-pack of good sweat socks and even had enough left over to buy a sandwich at Subway.

Praise Almighty God for money from heaven.

He knows who I am

He knows what I am

He knows where I am going

And what I need to get there.

The Lord will provide; praise the Lord!

2 thoughts on “Money from Heaven

  1. Great account, Jack. It reminds of the story from the Bible where Jesus provided the tax money for both He and Peter in the mount of a fish. Fortunately, His method of providing this needed money did come with any unwanted odor!


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